Quality is our top priority.

By utilizing the latest technological advances both on farms and in our plant, we assure the highest quality of our products.

Quality Control

At every step, from tracking raw material into the plant to the final loading of the finished product for shipment, the product is monitored by both Lion Raisins' Quality Control staff and USDA inspectors on site.

Quality begins at the vineyard where growers continually work to improve their grapes for raisins. At harvest, incoming raisins are inspected by the U.S.D.A. Each bin of 1,000 pounds of raisins is examined, graded, and tagged prior to storage.

A complete food safety program including GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES and HACCP, assures that the raisins are processed in the most sanitary environment possible and kept free from contamination. By checking product lot codes during the inspection process the traceability of the raisins are maintained above and beyond customer expectations.

Once ready to ship, Lion QA staff inspect every trailer or container prior to Lion product being loaded. Any discrepancies are immediately taken care of and the container or trailer is re-checked for approval.

Independent agencies, audits by customers, and Lion's in-house inspection team frequently inspect the facility and grounds. Superior ratings have consistently been awarded by the American Institute of Baking (AIB). In addition, Lion has passed Sanitation and Food Safety audits required and performed by the world's largest raisin buyers for their vendor approval process.



Quality starts in the vineyard, where by employing Good Agricultural Practices and cutting edge technology, we create a foundation for the safest and greatest finished product.

By converting from traditional sun drying system to drying on the vine (DOV), we substantially minimized the risk of foreign matter contamination, making the raw material the cleanest it can be, which leads to the finished product of superior quality.


Each bin of raisins from the field is labeled and inspected by USDA department before it enters our processing plant for cleaning and sizing.

By implementing the latest technology, we continuously improve our process and tighten our specifications to meet and exceed the changing standards in food industry.

Food Safety and Quality programs that we developed in accordance to SQF level 2 assure continuation of perfecting the product until we reach our final goal – the cleanest and safest raisins. Third party agencies such as American Institute of Baking (AIB) conduct thorough audits of our facility and we consistently are awarded an excellent score.



All products we process at our facility are traceable from the farm to costomer.

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