All housed in a hygienically designed, state of the art facility located in Selma, California featuring an all stainless steel production line. Designed with innovation in mind and more than enough willingness and space to expand: “We are just getting started”

Designed with Innovation:


For more than 115 years Lion Raisins has been fully dedicated to the highest standards in quality, safety, and sustainability. This unrelenting focus drives us to deliver products that exceed our customers’ expectations and ensures we continually strive to remain the leading supplier of premium quality California raisins and raisin products in ways that promote the health and safety of the world in which we all live.

We source local ingredients keeping our transportation‐related carbon footprint as minimal as possible while supporting California farmers for generations to come. Not only do we use the sun to dry our raisins, we also use it to power up to 60% of all our processing operations with our state‐of‐the‐art six‐acre solar farm.

Water is essential in our processing facility to clean the facility and the raisins. Because we know how essential water is to our process and to California’s Central San Joaquin Valley that we call home, we do everything we can to conserve this precious natural resource. Much of the water we use in our facility is sent through a modern waste water treatment system, then it is used for irrigation in local agricultural applications.

We use a zero‐waste approach when operating our facility from all the excess packaging materials being recycled, much of the water used during processing is treated and reused, and the raisin byproduct is used in animal feed applications and other agricultural processes.

At Lion Raisins, our unwavering commitment is to never compromise the quality or safety of our products while continually researching and implementing the latest best practices in sustainability. This requires that every Lion Raisins associate be empowered to take the actions necessary to protect our customers and the environment we all share.

Al Lion

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Trellis Development

Lion Raisins, a pioneer in California Raisin production and farming practices. Playing foundational roles in developing and implementing our patented Lion DOV Over Head trellis system.

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