Natural Seedless Raisins

Natural Seedless Grapes produce  the highest quality raisins available. The grapes are dried naturally in the fall, when they have reached their optimum sweetness.

Natural Seedless and Natural DOV Seedless raisins are then processed with great care in our state-of-the-art facility.

Sugar Coated Raisins are processed the same as Natural Seedless raisins. The raisins are then sugar-coated to the customer's specifications.

Midget and Mini-Midget Raisins

Midget and Mini-Midget Raisins are produced from first quality Natural Seedless Raisins.  As the raisins undergo cleaning and sorting, they are also graded by size. The smaller raisin berries are sorted out and graded as either "midget" or "mini-midget". These sizes of raisins are especially popular in the baking industry as they work well with breads and other bakery goods. They retain their shape and texture well during mixing processes.

Raisin Paste & Raisin Juice Concentrate

Lion Raisins produces two other popular raisin products:

Raisin Juice Concentrate and Raisin Paste. Both products are used extensively in the food industry.

Raisin Juice Concentrate is a pure extract, prepared by leeching the raisins with water in several stages to produce "raisin juice". The liquid is then processed in a vacuum pan, where the water is evaporated to obtain a desired 70 degree brix syrup of raisin soluble, which is self-preserving.

Raisin Paste is prepared from clean, sound, properly dried raisins. The raisins are ground, packed in polyline cases and cooked. No additives or preservatives are added to the paste.

Natural Flame Raisins

Lion Raisins Natural Flame Raisins are produced from the highest quality Flame Grapes. The Flame grape is a red to deep purple color producing a very dark to black colored flame raisin. The raisin has a sweet, dried fruit flavor.


Fancy and Jumbo Golden Raisins

Fancy and Jumbo Golden Raisins are produced from the same Natural Seedless Grapes. However, in processing, the raisins are first washed in a hot water bath and then treated with sulfur dioxide to retain their beautiful golden color. Next, the Golden Raisins are dehydrated to produce tender, juicy raisins.

Zante Currants

Zante Currants are produced from the Black Corinth Grape which yields a seedless, mini-raisin one-fourth the size of the average raisin. The currant is a very dark, tart and tangy raisin which is popular in baked goods. Lion Raisins follows the same meticulous process to produce our high quality Zante Currants.

Organically Grown Raisins

In order for a grape or raisin to be certified "Organically Grown" it must be grown using naturally occurring biological processes and certified by California Certified Organic Farming. No direct crop application of synthetically produced chemicals is allowed. Only naturally occurring botanical compounds used as insecticides, fumigants, fungicides or growth stimulants have been used on Lion Organically Grown Raisins.

Organic Natural Seedless Raisins are processed with utmost care in our organic certified state-of-the-art facility.

DOV (Dried On the Vine)


DOV raisins have proven to meet the food safety concerns of our customers, over that of tray-dried raisins, for the following reasons:

With more than a century in the raisin business, we continue to lead our industry into the 21st century. Not only with our state of the art production facility, but with our ongoing efforts to produce cleaner and safer raisins, while lowering costs to stay competitive in the world market. Lion Raisins is currently producing raisins with the advanced technique of Dried-On-the Vine, called DOV Raisins.

What are DOV raisins and how are they an improvement of the traditional tray-dried raisins? At the UC Kearny Ag Center in Parlier, CA starting in 1965, researchers found that if the canes (part of the vine where the grapes grow) were cut and allowed to dry, the resulting raisins could be harvested by mechanical means.

The type of growing on overhead horizontal trellis as employed on Lion vineyards leads to production of a higher quality, safer, and cleaner raisin, due to the grapes drying on the vine instead of paper trays laying on the dirt between the rows of the vineyard. The latter are subject to greater incidents of contamination from dirt, sand, stones, rain, mold, insects and animals.

The overhead horizontal trellis system is alternating rows of fruiting and non-fruiting middles. Vines in this system are trained so the fruiting canes are placed in one row middle and the renewal or non-fruiting shoots are trained to the next row middle. This is best used for development of new vineyards. Lion leads our industry in the planting of this growing and harvesting system.


Brand Packaging Information

Bulk pack all varieties of California Raisins in 750lb., 50lb, 30lb., 25lb, 10lb and 5lb as well as 12.5k and 10k. In Lion Brand Cartons and Private Label.

Retail pack in:

Domestic 24/15oz carton, 144/1.5oz or 24/6/1.5oz cartons, 24/1lb bags, 12/24oz bags , 24/15oz canister, 12/18oz canister, 12/24oz canister , 12/2lb bags and 10/4lb bags Lion Brand or Private Label

EU sizes – 36/250g cartons, 24/500g bags, 12/1k bags, 12/500g canisters, 24/200g cartons, 24/6/42g cartons, Lion Brand or Private Label

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