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Our raisins are the finest available, thanks to natural drying and meticulous processing.

Natural Seedless

These plump, juicy raisins are carefully selected for their exceptional quality and then delicately coated with a layer of sweet perfection.

Sugar Coated Raisins

Produced from first quality Natural Seedless Raisins and sorted by size, these raisins are popular in the baking industry due to their shape and texture retention.

Midget and Mini-Midget

A popular Lion Raisins product extensively used in the food industry, made from pure extract and clean, sound, properly dried raisins respectively.

Raisin Paste

Produced from high-quality Flame Grapes, these raisins are sweet and have a darkish red to black color.

Natural Flame

Seedless mini-raisins made from the Black Corinth Grape, with a dark, tart, and tangy flavor, and Lion Raisins follows a meticulous process to produce high-quality currants.

Zante Currants

Certified by California Certified Organic Farming, grown without synthetically produced chemicals, and processed with utmost care in our organic-certified facility.

Organically Grown

Golden Raisins

Derived from premium Natural Seedless Grapes, ensuring their exquisite golden shade and delivering plump, succulent raisins.

Golden Raisins

Carefully crafted from the finest Natural Seedless Grapes, preserving their vibrant golden hue for an irresistible snacking experience.

Jumbo Goldens 


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