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Sustainably Grown &

Efficiently Distributed

We Grow and Distribute 

California's Top Raisins


Our Comprehensive Processes

Our quality control and assurance measures ensure that every step of the process is monitored, and our facility consistently receives superior ratings.

From vineyard to shipment, our product undergoes meticulous monitoring by trained Quality Control staff and USDA inspectors, ensuring the highest quality. Good Agricultural Practices and U.S.D.A inspections during the harvest stage provide a strong foundation for quality assurance. Lion QA staff thoroughly inspects every trailer or container, resolving discrepancies and rechecking for approval before shipment. Independent agencies, customers, and Lion's in-house team frequently inspect the facility and grounds, with consistently high ratings from the AIB.

Quality Starts in the Vineyard

Good Agricultural Practices that create a foundation for safety:

  • Conversion to drying on the vine (DOV)

  • Implementation of HACCP and GMP ensuring adherence to changing industry standards