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Sustainably Grown &

Efficiently Distributed

We Grow and Distribute 

California's Top Raisins


Our Comprehensive Processes

Our quality control and assurance measures ensure that every step of the process is monitored, and our facility consistently receives superior ratings.

From vineyard to shipment, our product undergoes meticulous monitoring by trained Quality Control staff and USDA inspectors, ensuring the highest quality. Good Agricultural Practices and U.S.D.A inspections during the harvest stage provide a strong foundation for quality assurance. Lion QA staff thoroughly inspects every trailer or container, resolving discrepancies and rechecking for approval before shipment. Independent agencies, customers, and Lion's in-house team frequently inspect the facility and grounds, with consistently high ratings from the AIB.

Quality Starts in the Vineyard

Good Agricultural Practices that create a foundation for safety:

  • Conversion to drying on the vine (DOV)

  • Implementation of HACCP and GMP ensuring adherence to changing industry standards


Nurturing Our Planet for Future Generations

Lion Raisins is dedicated to high sustainability standards in every area, and our commitment to quality and safety never compromises our dedication to sustainability.

Our Sustainable Practices:

  • Sourcing local ingredients and minimizing transportation-related carbon footprints

  • Using solar power to run up to 60% of our processing operations

  • Conserving water through treatment and reuse, and using it for irrigation in local agriculture

  • Operating with a zero-waste approach, recycling packaging materials and repurposing raisin byproducts


Global Reach and Efficient Domestic Distribution

As a seasoned worldwide supplier, we bring our expertise to all corners of the globe, ensuring reliable delivery to customers worldwide and offering comprehensive warehousing solutions throughout the United States.

Bulk Packing Options

Available in our Lion Brand Cartons as well as in private label packaging


Retail Packaging

Domestic Packaging Options

  • Available in Lion Brand and private label packaging

EU Packaging Options

  • Available in Lion Brand or private label packaging

  • take pride in providing solutions that meet the needs of our customers and ensure the highest level of quality and freshness for our products.


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